Dalvi Stones


Created in 2016 by João Batista Dalvi in partnership with his sons Rodrigo de Souza Dalvi, Leandro de Souza Dalvi and João Ozires de Souza Dalvi, the Dalvi Stones comes from a group already consolidated in the stone sector with more than a decade of experience. The company occupies an area of more than 160,000m², where Italian and national machines of last generation are installed, among these two multiwire machines and a Breton's polisher.

The Dalvi Stones was strategically built on the Águia Branca clover with Barra de São Francisco and Nova Venécia, a location close to most of the state's quarries. Due to it's proximity and easy access, the relationship with the quarries becomes daily, allowing Dalvi Stones to update your catalog with the launch of new materials, besides gaining agility on the production process and a cost reduction.

With more than 10 years of experience in exports, the Dalvi Stones Group always seeks its customers in the best possible way, creating strong partnerships and gaining credibility and recognition in any sector of ornamental stones.

With robust structure, recognized history, own quarries and various partnership and important materials in the industry, the large-scale production, combined with a focus on product quality, enables Dalvi Stones to serve its customers in the best possible way, always honesty and transparency as mission.

The griffin is a mythological criature known in Greek culture, where was illustrated as guardian of various treasures. With eagle's head, claws and wings and lion's body, it combines a weightlessness of the king of the flying animals and the force of the king of terrestrial animals. It was seen as a majestic creature, the symbol of wisdom, honor and power, as well as a protector against evil and witchcraft in Egypt and Persia.

It was these characteristics that made his image widely used in shields, family coats of arms and vessels throughout history. Also having its representation found in Christianity, because it is the union of the lion (earth) with the eagle (sky), where it symbolizes Jesus that is man's connection to God.

The Dalvi family, of Italian origin, have the Lion of Judah as their main coat of arms. The company logo links this to the fact that Dalvi Stones is located in the city of Águia Branca / ES. The use of the eagle is also a way to honor the USA, which has been the main trading partner throughout its history.

The logo highlights the strength of Dalvi Stones in the constant pursuit of agility in service, quality and transparency, as we believe that building good alliances with clients and suppliers, partners and friends is the treasure that we must watch over.